ES "Ruzgar" carried out more 20 projects:

1. "Estimation of influence of oil industry objects to atmosphere air pollution in Baku and organization of according monitoring" (ISAR-Azerbaijan,1996)

2. The supporting of reform in social sphere. Publication of report on ecological and social aspects of oil industry development in Azerbaijan" (ISAR-Azerbaijan,1997)

3. Social-environmental inventory of pollution sources in the pipe-lines objects of western route. Azerbaijan-Georgian joint Project (ISAR-Azerbaijan, Horizonti-Georgia,  1999)

4. “Apsheron lakes” (ISAR-2000)

5. Desertification in Azerbaijan. Causes and consequences. Organizing public movement to Combat Desertification (in Azeri) UNCCD-2000

6. Application of International standards to water use and protection in Azerbaijan. (Eurasia-2001)

7. Restoration of minipark in the Khatai district of Baku. (CEP, SGP-2001)

8. Development of proposal on application of international standards and norms on protection and using of water reservoirs (Eurasia-2003),

9. Informing of University teachers on State Program of “Poverty reduction and Economic Development”,  UNDP-2004

10. Organizing of public movement for fire-prevention of  forests and agricultural wastes (Canadian Fund-2005)

11. Public-environmental inventory of obsolete pesticides in Azerbaijan Republic and Organizing of public movement for its elimination» , IPEN- 2004

12. Environmental damage of the oil industry and its influence to oil revenues (Open Society Institute-Assistance Foundation , 2005) 

13. Definition of POPs in the rivers of Kura and Araz, Caspian Environmental Program –UNOPS 2005

14. «Lindan and DDT in the Environment and foods in Azerbaijan», IPEN- 2005

15. Country Situation report on POPs for Azerbaijan. IPEN-2005

16. Development of proposals on application international standards and norms to management of transboundary water resources of rivers  Kura and Aras. (SCCP, Eurasia Foundation 2006)

17. Regional NGO Assessment Project. IPEN-2007.

18. Strengthening Transboundary Cooperation and Community Involvement for Sustainable Water Resources Management USAID-PA. 2007

19. Organizing public Movement for management of municipal solid wastes. NGO-support Council of Azerbaijan Republic- 2008.

20. Organising of public movement for protection of Environment along the East-West Energy corridor. NGO-support Council of Azerbaijan Republic- 2009

21. Assessment of Energy efficiency and capacity building for its increasing. UK Embassy-2009

22. Alternative energy sources for communities. US Embassy -2010