1. Environmental impact of main oil pipe-lines. Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan, 8-10 July, 1997, Baku

2. Ecological problems of Caspian Sea and Ecological Education in the Caspian countries. Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan. 18-20 Nov 1998

3. Social-environmental inventory of pollution sources in the pipe-lines objects of western route. Azerbaijan-Georgian joint Project (ISAR-Azerbaijan, Horizonti-Georgia,  1999),

4. Development of proposal on application of international standards and norms on protection and using of water reservoirs . Azerbaijan-Georgian joint Project (Eurasia-2003),

5. Development of proposals on application international standards and norms to management of transboundary water resources of rivers  Kura and Aras. (SCCP, Eurasia Foundation 2006)

6. Strengthening Transboundary Cooperation and Community Involvement for Sustainable Water Resources Management . Azerbaijan-Georgian joint Project USAID-PA. 2007

7. Inventory training and Caspian POPs Workshop in Azerbaijan. WB ID 100023638 and 100023633 , December- 2009. Tauw Contortium –Azerbaijan National coordinator

8. Sustainable Land Management for Mitigating Land Degradation and Reducing Poverty in the South Caucasus Region. REC-CENN (2009-2012)