Chairman of Society  -  Islam  MUSTAFAEV ,  Dr  Sc(Chemistry), Professor, graduated faculty of physics in Baku State University (1973). He has received Scientific degree Candidate of Chemical sciences from Institute of chemical physics in Moscow (1978) and Dr Sc (Chemistry)- from Leningrad Technological Institute (1991). Author more than 40 Projects, 200 scientific publications, 3 patents, 14 inventions and 7 books on various aspect of Environmental Protection.

 I. Mustafaev  is IREX-alumni (CI-1998) and implemented following Projects on ECA Alumni  Small Grant Programs:

1. Creation of Azerbaijan branch of international movement «For clean Caspian». (IREX-1999)

2. «Along the Caspian» Project. (IREX -2000)  

3.  «Environmental movement in Аzerbaijan» Creation of Web-page. (IATP-2000)

4.  Independent environmental monitoring of oil pipe-lines Baku-Supsa. (IREX -2001)

5. Conference “Problems of Sustainable development of Caspian countries”.(ACCELS-2001)
He is active member of International Academy of Noosphere since 2000.

 He is also author following individual Projects:

1. Forecasting of atmosphere pollution at the exploitation of oil field in the Caspian sea. (MacArtur Foundation-1999)

2. The internationalization   of Environmental Protection  problems  in the  exploitation of offshore oil fields of the Caspian sea.( Research Scheme Support -1999)